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Ashton Market

Project Overview

Construction of a mixed use development comprised of twenty townhomes, community park and a mixed use building. 

Project Scope

Nichols completed the design build, Ashton Market Development in 2022. The project was delivered by Nichols in the construction management delivery method. Nichols oversaw the project from concept, through entitlement and permitting and through completion. The project was comprised of a full site development of the existing properties for twenty townhomes. The Site development included utilities, mass grading, paving, storm water management, landscaping, soldier pile retaining walls, and the installation of a community park. The project also included construction of a new mixed-use building comprised of parking below ground level, commercial space, and residential apartments. The building was constructed utilizing a concrete podium parking structure with wood and steel framing above. 

Challenges & Solutions

  • Montgomery County Green Law: Montgomery County, MD was one of the early adopters of the International Green Construction Code. In order to comply with the code requirements, Nichols worked diligently with the designers and vendors to come up with solutions to meet the energy and green building requirements. Due to the project being comprised of site development, residential and commercial space, there were substantial requirements that Nichols needed to meet. Nichols worked hand in hand with the permitting department and vendors to come up with agreeable solutions to meet the code requirements.  
  • Unsuitable Soils: During the site development construction, it was determined that the existing soil was not suitable to provide the required strength for building and road construction. Nichols worked with the geo technical engineer to come up with a solution that required Nichols to undercut, and soil cement the majority of the site. This created schedule delays that Nichols was able to overcome but resequencing the critical path of the project. 
  • Solider Pile Retaining Wall: During the installation of the soldier piles. There was significant ground water encountered. This ground water prohibited typical pile installation. To alleviate this issue, Nichols worked with the drilling vendor to come up with a solution that allowed the ground water to be removed while piles were installed. this required customized equipment in order to install. 


The Ashton Market Development is an excellent example of Nichols’ experience. The project was comprised of most all facets of construction. Even with the challenges that come with a project of this complexity, Nichols was able to deliver the project on time and on budget. Nichols is proud to provide the community with a wonderful addition of retail and residential units.  

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