What’s it Like to Work for Nichols Contracting?

Choosing an employer is a big deal, and we wholeheartedly believe the support you get from work shouldn’t stop at a reliable pay cheque. At Nichols Contracting, we’re serious about taking great care of our people on all fronts. 

Our family-owned and operated contracting firm helps team members challenge themselves and grow while providing comprehensive benefits, high safety standards, and healthy team relationships. 

In this blog, you’ll get an overview of what it’s like to work with Nichols Contracting so you can decide if we’re the employer for you. 

Team Culture and Work-Life Balance

Team culture makes all the difference in your connection to work. No matter what your job is, there will be good days and bad days. However, we believe maintaining strong connections between team members creates a much more positive and empowering environment. 

At Nichols, we want you to feel comfortable being yourself, celebrate successes, and express concerns when they come up. Communication is essential for us all to keep improving and to learn from one another.  

We also proudly give back to the communities we work in by contributing to several organizations that are making a difference in our cities. We believe this helps create a sense of shared pride among employees. 

Benefits and Bonuses

A competitive, rewarding wage is a must at Nichols—so are benefits that support you today and tomorrow. Nichols Contracting employees receive 401k matching, health insurance, paid time off, employer-paid life insurance, tuition reimbursement, and more. 

Our positions also include sign-on bonuses. Joining a new team is a significant occasion, and we believe it deserves recognition! 

Sam Cromwell, Operations Manager of our Maryland Division says he appreciates Nichols’ focus on healthy work-life balance. After all, work shouldn’t consume your entire life. It should help make it better, and that means having reasonable hours and paid time off to thoroughly enjoy it all. 

“I encourage anyone looking to future their career in a high-energy environment full of opportunities to join the Nichols Contracting team!” Sam said. 

Training & Development

Why let employees stay stagnant when there’s always room to grow? Training and development help you expand your skills and confidence while also expanding our reputation as a company. 

That’s why we focus heavily on continuous training and education opportunities for all levels of workers, whether you’re hands-on at job sites or in our offices. 

Build specific skills for your position, improve your leadership techniques, or expand your range of responsibilities. We’ll help you advance your career no matter what level you are at today. 

Jose Ticas, Foreman at our Maryland Division, credits Nichol’s commitment to employee development as one of the biggest factors contributing to his success.

“It’s given me a chance to grow,” Jose said. “I appreciate how much I’ve been taught since I first joined the Nichols team.” 

High Safety Standards

The number one concern for us is safely getting our people home every single day. No exceptions. 

To maintain our high safety standards, we require every employee to be trained and educated on safety policies and practices. Foremen are OSHA 30-hour certified while most project team members, tradesmen, and laborers are OSHA 10-hour certified. 

Each branch of our team also receives regular training and refreshers on specific tasks, first aid, and general safety measures. On top of all this, our operations team members are certified in specific areas like confined spaces, fall protection, CPR, and more. 

And of course, we’re serious about personal protection equipment (PPE).

“Our team’s success is due to the hard work and dedication to the job at hand. When we apply the best of ourselves, our potential for success is unlimited,” — Fred Nichols, Founder and President

Wide Variety of Roles

One of our unique factors as an employer is the breadth of opportunities available. Since we self-perform the vast majority of our contracting services, we need skilled workers who can fill a wide variety of roles. 

Outside of hands-on construction positions, we employ 125+ people with many different backgrounds, from sales and project management to safety, engineering, and beyond. 

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