The Company

formed in 1991 to perform general construction work for local, state, and federal governments


Nichols Contracting is a full-service gener­al contractor focused on providing premier services in all aspects of the construction process from concept to completion. We manage a broad range of commercial construction projects, including new construction, tenant fit outs, and reno­vations. NCI services a diverse group of markets including federal, state, and local governments, as well as a variety of cor­porate and special industry organizations that require complex life safety and criti­cal infrastructure needs. Our specialties include elevator and escalator moderniza­tions, life safety upgrades and mechanical of existing building and structures.

At Nichols Contracting, we strive to fully understand our client’s needs, enjoy partnering to develop a plan for execu­tion, and take pride in delivering the high­est quality product. Our goal is to exceed expectations on every project and culti­vate long lasting relationships with clients, vendors, subcontractors, engineers, and architects.

Our History

 Nichols Contracting, Inc. (NCI) was founded in 1991 by Fred Nichols. Mr. Nichols began his construction career in the field as a carpenter working his way up to Vice President of his former company. During that time, he became very familiar with all facets of the industry and proficient at delivering a quality product. His success and entrepreneurial spirit compelled him to create Nichols Contracting with the intent to perform general construction work that delivered superior service and a simple promise “to do what we say we are going to do.” Located in historic Sandy Spring, MD, NCI has been serving the Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Virginia Metropolitan Area for over twenty years.  Nichols Contracting is a dynamic, continually growing firm devoted to exceeding our client’s expectations.

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Our Team

We consider the Nichols Contracting team a family, and similar to any family, education, safety, and the well-being of our personnel is of the utmost importance. The family mindset correlates to the Nichols Contracting philosophy that every employee must demand the highest level of safety at all times. An investment in safety and continuing education is an investment in our family.

 As our business and qualifications grew, so did the range and size of our projects. We recognized that the dexterity of our field personnel allowed us to pursue larger projects by partnering with qualified subcontractors and self-performing supporting work as needed. This strategy required more management and allowed us to assemble an experienced team both from within and hired from other industry leaders. Our employees and partners own as diverse a skill set as our field personnel and can provide all services from complete design build, to adhering to the detailed quality control requirements of government contracts.

Our goal for the future is to continue the growth of our business while improving the quality of our service.  We are focused on providing the industry best service for our core elevator business and strengthening the cherished relationships that are vital to our success.  The new construction, tenant improvement and renovation work is our target sectors for growth, and we are actively seeking to expand our government client base.  We are committed to be on the leading edge of technology to increase operational efficiency and the distribution of information.  We are constantly pursuing credible subcontractors and talented like-minded professionals to augment our team.  All of this, combined with continued hard work, will come continued success.

While Nichols Contracting continues to expand its capabilities, our commitment to do what we say we are going to do is stronger than ever.

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