Dominion LNG Platform

Project Details


One of the most interesting projects we have ever completed was located a mile into the Chesapeake Bay at Dominion Power’s LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) facility.  The site is accessed only by boat, or by bicycle in the small tunnel connecting to shore.  The project was to build a one story extension on top of the existing elevator shaft and create a lobby connected to the security tower.  Our expertise in planning proved to be essential for the success of this project.  All large equipment and materials had to be ordered and staged at a marina, then loaded and delivered via a rented barge.  With Dominion’s crane, we flew in precast concrete panels for the new walls and roofs.  For machine room access we built an aluminum stair and platforms.  We fit out the new lobby with aluminum wall panels, stainless steel doors, and a security access gate.  Due to the nature of the facility, we coordinated installation of gas sensors tied into the fire alarm system and elevator recall.  Dominion’s project management team was incredibly helpful throughout the project, and we are grateful for the high praises they returned.

Project Details.


Feb, 2017


119 Rathdowne Street, Carlton, Victoria 3001

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