The construction industry continues to move toward the design-build approach for contracting, an approach we have been employing for many years.  Done correctly it saves money while reducing the overall project schedule.  We excel at design-build projects due to our vast experience and our close relationships with subcontractors and design professionals.

Nichols Contracting will compose a team that includes our project managers, field personnel, subcontractors, architects and engineers.   This team will work together to develop a design that is customized to the products being used for the project.  This allows for increased field efficiency and minimizes deficiencies that can lead to lost time and change orders. 

A significant portion of the pre-construction schedule is reduced by establishing the team up front and eliminating much of the bidding and procurement process.  In addition, on-site construction can begin concurrently with finalizing the design and permitting. 

Ashton Hardware

Sandy Spring, MD Reno

Nichols Building

8000 square foot Reno

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