NCI Adds To Its Fleet

004Nichols Contracting, Inc. is grateful to add two new flat bed trucks to our fleet.

First is a Ford F-450 with an 8′ flatbed and equipped with our welder mounted on the back end.  This vehicle allows us to transport large and heavy equipment and materials combined with the versatility of the integral welder.  Nichols Contracting, Inc. works as a portable welding shop, both delivering steel and other materials, and fabricating on-site at one time.  This strategy avoids time consuming and costly trips which increases our efficiency and saves money for our clients.


DSC01483 (2)

Second is a Freightliner M2 106 with a 28′ tilt-bed and winch.  This vehicle was purchased specifically to better support our most valued clients by providing options for escalator and elevator deliveries   The 28′ bed was sized to support the length of most escalator sections, and the tilt function with wench was ordered to allow rollable access on and off of the truck for loading and deliveries.  Nichols Contracting, Inc. will be using this truck for our own major deliveries, including large barricade and scaffolding jobs, and for large prefabricated steel structures and stainless steel cladding.  We are excited to get this monster in action!

Ford F-450 truck

DSC01482 (2)